Who we are

Our directors have over 15 years industry experience. Our company started about eight years ago with the mission to deliver on commitments to our customers. We bring honesty, integrity and a commitment to achieve to an industry where many companies simply fail to deliver but manage to hook their customers into long-term commitments that provide little value while charging very high rates.

What we do

At itExange, our mission is to provide superior IT support and management services to small, medium, and even large businesses. Our team is focused on providing a complete IT solution that meets your needs and your expectations. We refuse to apply a cookie-cutter approach with so-called standardized solutions because we’ve found that those solutions almost never meet the customer’ real needs.

Why choose us

At itExange, our mission is to provide a complete IT solution for your business, so we don’t expect your network or applications to conform to some ‘standard’ solution. Instead, we guarantee a custom solution that fits your business needs where your business is right now. We’ve been delivering on this promise for our clients since 2002, and we’ll be there to grow with you as you grow.

People & Values

Our people are at the core of everything we stand for and we are committed to the ongoing training and development of all staff to ensure their personal
development and job satisfaction and to make sure they have all the training and tools available to them to provide the best possible outcomes for our customers.

This philosophy allows us to attract and retain great people who are passionate about their area of expertise and who are passionate about delivering great service.

We have developed Our Values as our guiding principles and all of our people are committed to living these values on a daily basis:

  1. Responsive - We respond quickly to requests from our customers, partners and colleagues

  2. Flexible - We are easy to deal with, on a personal level, and as an organisation

  3. Timely - We attend meetings on time and we call people back when we say we will

  4. Proactive - We don’t wait for a problem to occur or to be followed up, we proactively manage our time

Our Partners